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Copper Trends in the home

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Our NEW and UNIQUE Cermalon Copper cookware launching this summer means you’ll discover the innovative Cermalon lotus effect, which makes our Cermalon cookware impermeable to everything. This revolutionary repelling action makes the cookware 100% non-stick, allowing you to cook oil free, for a healthier lifestyle.

Suitable for all hobs: gas, electric, ceramic and induction you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time and certainly makes for a great addition to any kitchen. 

Be sure to head over to our Pinterest board to check out the latest inspiration when it comes to bringing copper trends into the home.



The rich warm tonnes that copper provides has been a big trend in recent years, quickly becoming a main feature in many homes from décor and accessory trends to cookware for the kitchen.

Bringing style to the kitchen, the addition of copper cookware is not only aesthetically pleasing on the eye but has many fantastic cooking qualities which is why it is often favoured by the professional chef and home cooks. 

One main advantage to using copper cookware is:

Cooper cookware is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning even cooking regardless of the heat source. Ideal for those sensitive foods, helping to cook food faster, making it tastier and healthier due to the properties of heating food evenly. 

With the revolution in technology copper is now very much sought after by cooks, as it is now lined with stainless steel, with the benefit of making it much more safer, more hard-wearing and much easier to maintain then the traditionally lining of tin.

 Our Cermalon cookware is available individually are as sets, check out the beautiful range  and bring style to you cookware. 







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