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Jennifer McMillen

8 Ways Cooking Shows Lie To You


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There's nothing better than sticking on a few cooking shows on a Saturday afternoon whilst you potter about the house (unless you're feeling adventurous and actually have plans over the weekend!)

But have you ever realised the amount of lies cooking shows tell us? Well here's a run down of everything false we're being fed:

  1. Stress free cooking

    An oxymoron if ever we've heard one. Our favourite tv chefs glide across our screens pouring bowls of pre-measured ingredients into their sizzling pans without a care in the world. Even when they're running about they still have it under control... ..Then cut to us in the kitchen with one pan boiling over and another rapidly burning and then the oven still isn't up to temperature when the phone goes and the dog nicks off with the meat on the side... Their beautiful lie of stress free cooking is quickly destroyed!

  2. Cooking is easy!

    They say everyone can cook. It's easy. Well no actually it's not, it doesn't come naturally to everyone, and we think credit should be given to those of us that do pick up the saucepan every evening and create delicious passable meals for our families. Especially when you're flying through the recipe at 100mph! Which brings us to our next point...

  3. 15 minute meals, we don't think so...

    The speed these chefs go through the method is insane. No we can't chop at the speed of light and we class finding and measuring all of our ingredients part of the cooking time too Jamie... For those who attempt Gordon Ramsay's live cook along - good luck to you! Personally I thank the lord for the Sky+ pause button.

  4. What 'stuff' in our cupboards?

    You've heard them say it; 'You can make this dish special just with ingredients lying about in your cupboard'- big fat LIE! Who has fresh parsley, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger just hanging about? P.s. I think if you have all these items lying around then you're officially a chef!

  5. Lifestyles

    One of our favourite episodes of Nigella is when she's making a delicious vanilla french toast with strawberry coulis as a midnight snack. Great idea! She is sneaking about the kitchen being as quite as she can and describing the recipe in hushed tones... until she needs to blend the strawberries and whips the blender on for a good 2 minutes! We know you're not at home and we know you're in your dressing gown at 2 in the afternoon in a studio somewhere!

  6. You will never be able to chop at that speed


  7. Kids who love experimental food

    Some of our favourite chefs like to whip up delicious, nutritious meals for their children. Let us just say that if we can get a 3 year old to eat a pile of fancy green mess over chicken nuggets I will eat my oven mitt.

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