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Gemma Baldwin

Reasons To Love Our Kitchenware


When it comes to choosing new kitchenware you will no doubt be inundated with choice but often you’ll have some pre-set criteria of what it is you have in mind, whether it’s based on price, quality or even defined on colour match to enhance the interior of your kitchen.

Selecting the right kitchenware can take a lot of research, comparing and contrasting the features of each brand, so we decided to set our stall out and help you to get to know our products better and save you some time in the process.

Here are our top reasons to try Kitchenways...

  1. Our patented technology

    From home cooks to budding chefs, if you find yourself going through cookware at an alarming rate as it never does ‘what it says on the tin’, then you should look to Kitchenways. With our patented technology you’ll have a pan for life.

  2. Cermalon technology

    Our Cermalon pans are manufactured in high grade aluminium with a double ceramic coating which is scratch and abrasion resistant. Designed to perform at high temperatures and provide even heat conductivity throughout all cooking surfaces, you’ll be dishing up faster than ever before!

  3. Durastone technology

    With a Durastone marble coating over our high grade aluminium, this diamond-hard, durable and scratch-resistant surface is impermeable to everything! So if you’re hosting your very own Come Dine with Me your food won't stick or fall apart, making you look like a bona fide culinary genius.

  4. Stoneline technology

    Our Stoneline® range is coated with particles of real stone for healthy and non-fat frying, just like on a natural hot stone. So if you love treating yourself to a hearty English breakfast at the weekend you can eliminate the term ‘greasy breakfast’ and discover a healthier way to enjoy your favourite meals!

  5. A whole spectrum of colours

    Offering a range of colours from traditional black and cream to contemporary purple and orange, it was essential that our kitchenware offered consumers choice, especially those who love a splash of colour in their kitchen. So whether you’re looking to colour match or complement your kitchen, our vibrant range is the perfect choice to take home.

  6. Superb Prices

    With most kitchenware ranges sold through third parties, wholesale costs are massively inflated by both marketing and the retailer’s costs before the price tag is eventually added. We decided that middle men weren’t necessary and went direct to trusted manufacturers who meet our demanding quality standards, so that we can sell straight to you at a fraction of the cost.

  7. The healthier Choice

    Understanding how important healthy eating choices are to our customers and the difficulties that some find when trying to cook healthy meals, our range eliminates the need to add any butter, oils or fats, for guilt free cooking without compromising on taste.

  8. Made for your convenience

    Whether your working day is 9-5 or you’re a busy parent on the go, our cookware is the perfect kitchen essential. Cooking gets quicker with the heat retaining base for faster, more economical cooking, and more convenient too with our non-stick coating making the cookware easy to clean and dishwasher safe to boot.

  9. Ready for all cooking types

    We all have our preferred method of cooking from gas to electric, ceramic and induction hob appliances, so we created our range to be compatible with them all – we really do have it all covered!

  10. Our Promise

    We believe that you’ll love our extensively tried and tested products as much as we do, but if you’re not 100% satisfied we want to know about it. There’s a 30 day home trial included as standard so that you can put our kitchenware through its paces, and a one year guarantee with your purchase, so you can be confident that we’ll issue a full refund or replacement if something goes wrong.

  11. Free UK Delivery

    We’re committed to providing our customers with great value, that’s why all of our products come with free standard delivery using our UK wide network of carriers. If you require your order in a hurry you can choose to get your items faster with the option to upgrade to a next day delivery service too!

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