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Tanya Wasiuta

The British Food Fortnight


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The biggest celebration of British food and drink kick-starts on the 19th September and it’s all about producing, buying and eating British food. More importantly, promoting the health benefits and pleasures of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regionally distinct British produce.

Established in the wake of the foot and mouth crisis back in 2012, the British Food Fortnight was created to celebrate and support British Farmers and their Produce, the event also ties in with Bring Home the Harvest campaign.

The annual celebration has everyone from politicians, to top chefs including Jamie Oliver supporting the cause, celebrating the brands and produce that reside in Britain. 

So to celebrate and support the BFF the culinary team at Kitchenways HQ will be bringing to you the very best in British recipes using British produce, to cater for those with a sweet tooth... or we can do savoury too!



Shopping in your local supermarket is the easiest way to support BFF.  Look out for logos that identify your buying British produce.  There are a number of logos you can keep your eye out for, including any of the following: 

British Produce Logo, British Food Fortnight  British Produce, Quality standard logo



Give the supermarket a miss and support your local independent businesses, from your local butchers, to greengrocers, farm shops and markets, shop and buy local! What's even better is they will be able to tell you exactly where the produce is from, guaranteeing your supporting locally sourced produce.


Keep an eye out for food that is in season, why? …. Because eating British fruit and veg that is in season is good for you. Seasonal food is fresher and therefore tends to be tastier and more nutritious. Check out our seasonality table below or click here for your handy download, to help you know what's in season, helping you to create some amazing recipes!

seasonality table, vegetables, British Food Fortnight

Choosing British means supporting British farmers whose work helps to keep the British countryside the way we want it to look!

Keep an eye for our good, hearty British food recipes as we support BFF, and if you fancy cooking up some great British classics then send us your culinary masterpieces to our Facebook or Twitter page. #happycooking

Seasonality Data: Source BBC Good Food.

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