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Tanya Wasiuta

Christmas Turkey Guide


Christmas Dinner, the most important meal over the festive period, and the star of Christmas day. Decisions have to be made on what trimmings to accompany the meat but the most important decision is what type of bird to choose, to take centre stage at the dinner table. From whole turkeys to crowns and joints our handy guide will help you choose a turkey perfect for your festive feast. 

Keep the tradition, with a whole turkey. The perfect pick to enjoy a festive feast and if your cooking for a small 'army' over Christmas then this will be a crowd pleaser for those lovers of white and dark meat. 
Ideal for: Big families and bigger appetites...a whole turkey will mean there will be plenty of leftovers to see you into boxing day.  
Tip: Use the giblets to add flavour to the gravy, and use the bones for a flavoursome stock, ideal for delicious soup over the festive period, meaning your making the most out of every part of the turkey. 
turkey buying guide, Christmas dinner

Depending on how many you’re cooking for, whole turkeys will be available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes either from the supermarket or you local butchers.
Serves: 5-20 depending on size
Bonus Tip: 
If your planning to use a frozen turkey on Christmas day, allow for enough time to thaw, once fully thawed allow the turkey to reach room temperature before stuffing and cooking.


Another popular choice round the dinner table, turkey crowns are basically a whole turkey but with the legs and wings removed, meaning cooking time is considerably lower than a whole turkey. Perfect for those cooks that want to spend more time socialising than hours in the kitchen. 

And if you’re looking to impress with your carving skills then you’re onto a winner with a turkey crown, as they are made for easy carving. Perfect for those that like white breast meat.
Ideal for: Smaller families who want to avoid too many leftovers, and for those with smaller ovens. 
Tip: cover the crown in rashers of  bacon or herbs and butter before cooking, the butter will help to crisp up the skin.
Serves: 4-10 (depending on size) 

Looking for completely stress free cooking, well a boneless turkey joint doesn't require any prep and is the easiest of all the birds to cook.
Ideal for: Cooks wanting minimum effort in the kitchen.
Available as a stuffed or unstaffed joint, and with many coming in a foil tray you’re saving on the extra washing up....Winner Winner Turkey dinner.  
Serves 4-12 (depending on size)

Our Final Tip is to know how many you’re cooking for so that you have plenty of turkey to go round but more importantly you choose the right turkey for you and your family. 

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