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Perfect Pan Cooking



The Perfect Pan  allows you to cook multiple foods all in one pan, making cooking a whole lot easier and creates a lot less washing up. The divided sections have been specifically formed to cook certain foods… i.e. the griddle section is ideal for cooking meats from steak, pork chops to sausages, so why not take advantage of this one pan wonder. 

Here's our Top 5 ways the Perfect Pan can be used:

Gone are the days of ready meals because cooking for 1 was too much… with the Perfect Pan you’ll be saving on the washing up... and cook a complete meal all in one pan. Bonus. 

So one of you is a meat lover and the other is a vegetarian, or one kid wants fish fingers the other sausages, we know how it goes the countless pots and pans you have to use to create one meal can be extreme. Now you can cook both meals all in pan.
The griddle section is ideal for meats whilst the pimple section is perfect to cook fish, with the remaining compartments ideally used for your staples like vegetables. Double Whammy! 

It ain't the weekend without a good hearty English breakfast to kick start the day. So get the ingredients…bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and cook it BIG in the Perfect Pan...and you'll be back in front of that TV in no time with only one pan to wash. 

Forget taking multiple pans to your uni flat… just have the one. The Perfect Pan is ideal for all those easy meals like beans and sausages…and just think of the ultimate breakfast you can rustle up for those hung-over cures, you'll be the envy of the flat with this pan! 


Make that camping trip a little easier with this multi section frying pan… from quick and easy fajitas to that early morning breakfast you’re only going to need the Perfect Pan, ideal for those with only a single camping stove. 

 With non-stick coating this pan makes for easy washing up and will ultimately make cooking a whole lot more fun, so get to grips with the Perfect Pan and cook with ease, only £34.99 with FREE UK delivery.   


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