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So we all know the pitfalls to cooking a meal, whether it be a full English breakfast at the weekend, a meal for 2 during the week, to having a vegetarian in the household …the multiple pots and pans you have to use to the clutter of dirty dishes that you try to avoid washing up for a good few hours…and hopefully not days! Cooking can often be stressful!

Well, let us introduce you to the Perfect Pan, the innovative designed British 4 in 1 multi section frying pan that lets you cook multiple foods all at the same time… all in one pan! Genius!

The Perfect Pan features 4 different compartments, ideal for all your individual cooking needs all in one pan.

Sizzle the perfect steak in the griddle compartment, ideal for all kinds of meat.

Ideal for fish, this pimples section will let you cook the most delicate of fishes from sea bass to salmon.

Suitable for all types of veg will ensure you’re getting at least one of your five a day.

Cook eggs with ease in the specially formed circle compartment.


From breakfast, lunch and dinner, the simplicity and convenience of cooking with this one pan wonder allows you to cook all your favourite meals all in one pan with out all the washing up to do afterwards. Make it the ultimate breakfast pan and make weekends a whole lot easier! So whats on the menu: 


Make breakfast times a breeze. This 4 compartment pan allows you to cook all the individual elements of your breakfast all in one pan! Who says cooking has to be hard work! 



Meal times will become more convenient with this one pan wonder.
From a juicy steak to sizzling fajitas cook it all with The Perfect Pan.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, every cook or novice will need a Perfect Pan in their kitchen. Manufactured in high-quality die cast aluminium and featuring Cermalon non-stick coating this pan will make cooking a whole lot more fun! Launching this August, Pre-Order your Perfect Pan Now                               








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